Drones and the Real Estate Industry

There is no doubt about it, drones are changing the Real Estate industry. More and more Real Estate professionals are using it to their advantage by showing stunning aerial images and video to better market their listings and catch the eye of potential buyers.

3 Ways Drones are Altering Real Estate

1. Excellent Views of Larger Homes

Drone photography can be used for any listing a realtor has, but it is especially useful for big homes with a lot of land and views that cannot be captured from the ground. Also, homes that are built with unique style and structure have many details that can only be seen with angles that come from above or directly over-head.

Homes that are built on vast acres of land are where drones are needed the most. Potential buyers want to see a different perspective and how much land there actually is and the amazing views that the property has to offer. This acts as a huge selling point and can shift an interested buyer to a motivated buyer.

2. New & Trendy

Drone photography and video is relatively new and by a realtor using this advanced tool, it could surely raise an agents profile. It sets realtors apart from each-other and acts as another advantage to have when selling a home. It shows that realtors are trying something new and different that not everybody has the power of using, which raises competition.

3. Low Risk, High Reward

Hiring a drone service is very budget friendly. It is a tool that will certainly attract more interest toward listings and could end up being the main reason a home is sold.

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