Drones and the Construction Industry

Throughout many years of development, drones are now playing important roles in the construction business. Construction companies use drones for many different and important reasons.

3 Ways Drones are Altering Construction

1. Construction Progress

They can be used to map construction progress and it allows the companies to see how they are coming along. Many companies use the aerial shots every day to see the progress, and judge what else they have to do to improve

2. Scout Potential Sites

Along with using them to show progress of the site, drones are used to scout sites and form models to be used by the companies. 3D models are being made by having the drone fly on a path that is predetermined by the company.

This specific skill of the drone is called site scanning, and is now one of the most important pieces for construction companies to use today. By keeping workers off tall machines, you are increasing the safety of companies. But with drones, you can now use them to fly over parts of bridges or tall buildings that otherwise would be hard to get to by a person. This method also saves tons of money as it reduces the cost to purchase the equipment and safety tasks that are needed.

3. Marketing/Advertising

Media captured by these drones provides construction companies with great footage that they can use to advertise. Whether they use it for social media, commercials, and other advertisements, this media can help these companies show their work and possibility get them new contracts.

Drones continue to play a huge role in today’s world of taking photos and videos. They are increasing their importance in many different kinds of work. Construction usage is just one of many ways drones are effective. As they continue to be shown off by these companies and technology continues to improve, drones will be all over the world in a few shorts years.

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